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UI Builder for Microsoft Access

   Product Features

UI Builder for Microsoft Access is packed with thousands of hours worth of features for any Access database. We've spent the time and effort to create a world-class application framework to enhance a new or existing Access database so you don't need to recreate the wheel.  The result?  A more powerful database, and more time for you to focus on what makes your MS Access application truly unique.

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Add 'Web 2.0'-like menus and submenus to your Access databases to simplify user navigation and minimize frustration
Enable Google-like search in your Access forms to search any field on the form without any VB coding (video demo)
Create your own customizable color schemes, or select from several pre-defined menu color schemes
Easily configure each menu and submenu button to carry out 26+ pre-defined menu button commands
Choose from over 5 different menu layouts, including small and large screen resolutions
Impress users with a personalized welcome splash screen that includes your application name
User-friendly directory to list and launch available forms to users
User-friendly directory to list and launch available reports and queries to users
Use a single line of VB to log errors and other major events to a central table or XML log file, and automatically alert administrators via email when specific events occur
Persistent right-hand Action Pane lets you display key information no matter what form a user is viewing
Advanced visual effects like fading popup messages, Web-2.0 'processing wheel,' and an easy to use progress bar
No additional installation required on a user's PC, no ActiveX dependencies, and no onerous deployment requirements
Visual Basic "toolbox" with many of the most commonly needed VB routines
Full source code access
Compatible with MDE and ACCDE formats
User licenses included (within your own company) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Compatible with split databases (front- and back-end configuration)
Send formatted emails to Microsoft Outlook from within MS Access (One-Click Mail Merge)  
Create new Microsoft Outlook tasks from within MS Access  
Easily add field-level popup help topics within your forms  
Compatible as a Microsoft SQL Server front-end or MySQL Server front-end interface  
Free Microsoft Access templates that integrate UI Builder's many features out of the box  
Automatically backup up your database on a regular basis, without ever closing your database or disrupting your work.  
Create user-level MS Access menus that limit users to the menu actions you define for their role    
Choose from the UI Builder user-login prompt, or automatically detect the user's Windows Username to log in (video demo)    
Monitor each add, change, or delete to records in your Access forms to better comply with HIPPA and other government regulations    
Repair broken linked-tables in a single step    
Automatically hide the Access database window/navigation pane  
Free access to the OpenGate Library, a collection of advanced MS Access tools  
Free access to OpenGate's Microsoft Access Consulting Network, a group of consulting professionals with experience deploying databases using OpenGate products
Lifetime product support (no annual fee)
Lifetime product updates (no annual fee)


All editions of UI Builder are compatible with the following:

Microsoft Access 2000

Microsoft Access 2002

Microsoft Access 2003

Microsoft Access 2007

Microsoft Access 2010 (32-bit client)

Microsoft Access 2010 (64-bit client)

Microsoft Access 2013 (32-bit client)

Microsoft Access 2013 (64-bit client)

Microsoft Access 2016 (32-bit client)

Microsoft Access 2016 (64-bit client)

Microsoft Access 2019 (32-bit client)

Microsoft Access 2019 (64-bit client)


Microsoft Access runtime editions (read our whitepaper on saving money with the free runtime)



Installation and Distribution

When you order UI Builder, you receive full access to the forms, tables, and modules that comprise the UI Builder product.  No installation is required on your machine, or your users (users must have one of the versions of Microsoft Access present on their PC, of course).  UI Builder becomes a part of your database application, which means no special steps are required to make your UI Builder-powered database available to other users.


More questions?  Read the UI Builder Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us via email (

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