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   Feature Detail: One-Click Mail Merge

Microsoft Access allows you to create formatted reports for printing, but in today's business environment, formatted emails are far more effective and more frequently needed.  Unfortunately, MS Access falls short here. Reports must be emailed as PDF, RTF, or Snapshot format attachments.  UI Builder gives you the ability to perform One-Click Mail Merges to Microsoft Outlook, so you can create professional, formatted emails from within Microsoft Access.  For example, you may want users to be able to view a customer record, click a menu button, and have an email message automatically sent to the customer displayed on screen. With UI Builder's One-Click Mail merge, you can add that capability to your database applications without a single line of Visual Basic code. UI Builder does it all for you.
Note: Office 2002 or higher is required for One-Click Mail Merge.

UI Builder Mail Merge Profiles
In the screenshot above, you can see how UI Builder helps you to establish profiles for each Mail Merge button.  Each profile defines:
  • the location of the mail merge template
  • the merge data source (a table or query)
  • what action to take (print, email, display for editing)
  • any criteria to filter the data (SQL criteria)
  • which fields on the displayed form to use to pull the mail merge data
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