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Microsoft Access Employee Recruiting Template

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The Employee Recruiting template is one of several Microsoft Access templates included with the purchase of UI Builder Business or Enterprise edition. You get the flexibility of the widely popular UI Builder, and full source code access to the Employee Recruiting template to customize to your specific needs.  Best of all, your license allows you to use UI Builder for other Access database projects in your company.

Product Editions

Unlimited users, unlimited databases within your company.  Access to all UI Builder templates.

UI Builder - Enterprise

For multi-user scenarios where you want to set up user-level menus to access forms and reports

UI Builder - Business

For multi-user scenarios where users are allowed to access all screens and reports

With the Microsoft Access Recruiting Template, you can:

Manage Employee recruiting More Efficiently

MS Access template for project portfolio analysis - Built with Designer and UI Builder for Microsoft Access.    
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Use the Employee Recruiting template to track job openings, applicants, and recruiting campaigns all in one place.  Match job opening skill requirements to applicant qualifications, and evaluate campaign effectiveness.  Key features include:

  • Track all job openings, including internal and external open and close dates
  • Maintain EEO job category information for postings and applicants
  • Enter applicant skills and competencies, match to available openings
  • Maintain electronic records of interviews, drug tests, and applicant contact information for each opening they apply for
  • Identify which recruiting campaigns yield the largest number of applicants
  • Five pre-defined reports including campaign efficiency by gender, job opening summaries, and more
  • Fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

Microsoft Access recruiting template demonstration
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Add Advanced Features
Built upon the powerful UI Builder framework, the recruiting template lets you add advanced features to your Access database that would take hours or days to research, develop, and test. Each menu button can be configured to carry out one of 26+ pre-defined commands. Review the full feature list...

System Requirements
Microsoft Access 2000, Microsoft Access 2002, Microsoft Access 2003, Microsoft Access 2007, Microsoft Access 2010, Microsoft Access 2013, MS Access 2016, MS Access 2019, or Office365.