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   Feature Detail: Form Directory

 An average Access database can have as many as 20 or more forms, many of which are not important enough to take up a main button on your menus, but you still want to give users access to those forms when needed.  UI Builder's Form Directory helps you create a directory of forms you want users to be able to open, including plain-language names and detailed descriptions that can help users quickly identify which form they need. For each item in the directory, you control the name displayed, how the form should be opened, and whether to apply any filter criteria when the form opens.  Imagine being able to list the same form three different times in the Form Directory, each with a different filter criteria and name, without creating multiple copies of your form.  UI Builder - Enterprise Edition even allows you to restrict forms to specific user roles.

UI Builder Report and Query Administration
In the screenshot above, you set up the list of forms you want your users to see when they open the Form Directory.  Note that many of the object names are not self-evident to a user, but the "Display Name" will be what the end user sees.
MS Access form directory from a user's perspective
In the screenshot above, your end users see only the plain-language name and description of the form they will be working with.  Behind the scenes it may be the same form, but with distinct filter criteria.
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