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OpenGate Microsoft Access Tools Library

    Easy-to-Deploy Advanced Features

OpenGate Software has developed numerous packaged features that can be easily added into your own database.  Each of the library features below includes extensive notes within the Visual Basic, and examples of the feature in action.  Most require only a single line of Visual Basic to be used in your own database. Compatible with Access 2003 and higher. 

Access to the OpenGate library is available to customers that license UI Builder - Enterprise, Dashboard Builder Professional Edition, Workflow Builder, or any OpenGate Bundle.

Web 2.0 Effects for Microsoft Access Free!

This feature shows how you can add cool looking Web 2.0 visual effects into your Microsoft Access database with a few simple steps.  You don't have to know AJAX or Java to impress your users with advanced visual effects.  The first shows you how to dynamically expand and contract a subform to save screen real estate and avoid overwhelming users with information they might not need.  The second example uses a single line of Visual Basic to fade one or more controls in and out with the click of a button or label.  Click here for the free white paper on enhancing your Access user experience, or below to download the free sample database.

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  Web 2.0 Effects in Access
(click for a larger view)

Activity Reminders for MS Access

Nearly everyone has Microsoft Outlook or another email client with task reminders these days, but what about when you need to share task reminders in your database?  This feature lets you create new reminders with a single line of VB.  If you want to get even more advanced, you can create reminders that when double clicked, will take users to the related form and record in your database.  You can also use the Owner assignment to filter the list to a specific user, or show reminders for all users.
Click here to download (login required)
  Activity Reminders Utility(click for a larger view)

Google Mapping for Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access lets you open a browser window quite easily, but when you want to keep the user within your Access database, and present them with a map, you need this feature.  The feature allows you to open a Google map for an address your user provides with a single line of VB.  You can pass an address that is parsed out (house number, street name, city, state, etc), or as a single line (e.g, 123 Main, Aurora, CO 80016).
Click here to download (login required)
  Google Mapping Utility(click for a larger view)

US Map Hover Statistics for Access Databases

This feature gives you the ability to define a data source with a two-character state abbreviation, and it will present the user with a map they can hover over to see more detail.  For example, you might have an Orders table and you want to show the order revenue for each state.
Click here to download (login required)
  United States Mapping Utility(click for a larger view)

TreeView Assistant for MS Access New!

The TreeView control is a terrific way to present hierarchical information.  It is also incredibly time consuming and difficult to comprehend.  The TreeView Assistant helps you configure a new 3-level treeview of your data rather than perform custom coding.  Import the 3 objects into your database, create a treeview profile, and paste the provided VB code into your own form's OnLoad event.
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  OpenGate TreeView Assistant for Access
(click for a larger view)