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Easily Replace Your Access Web Apps before Microsoft's April 2018 Deadline

Migrate from Access Web Apps to Vivaldi

Vivaldi hosted web applications gives you a powerful alternative to the soon-to-be-retired Access Web apps.  Vivaldi's migration tool helps you move from Office 365 to a MySQL-based web solution that is easy to deploy to your users so you don't miss a beat. Learn About MySQL

MySQL is one of the most popular database engines on the market, available in a Community Edition which is free of charge.  It provides the same features Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 offer for the most common database needs (in other words, you aren't likely to need to pay for one of these more expensive database engines unless you have very specialized, high scalability/performance/availability requirements).  Best of all, services like Amazon RDS offer inexpensive MySQL hosting at a low monthly price.  You'll also find most internet service providers that offer website hosting will include MySQL databases as part of your package free of charge.  Finally, if you are familiar with MS Access query language, you'll be well prepared for working with MySQL views (essentially the same SQL concept).

Step 1: Order Vivaldi Web and Pick your Subdomain

When you order Vivaldi Web you select the name of the subdomain you want your users to see. Users will navigate to to get to your application once it is set up.  OpenGate will provision your subdomain, MySQL database, and Vivaldi application in one business day.

Step 2: Migrate your Microsoft Access Web database to Vivaldi

Your order includes a free migration tool that helps you move all of your MS Access tables (whether they are in Office365 or a local Access database) to your Vivaldi Web database.

Step 3: Design Your Web Application Pages and Menus

  • Use Vivaldi to visually design the forms needed to view/add/edit/delete records without any coding.  See all of Vivaldi's amazing features >>
  • Use Vivaldi to manage user security, role assignments, and dynamic menus

Only $49 USD/month/application  - up to 200 users!

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Comparing Hosted Web Application Solutions

Feature Vivaldi Hosted Office365 Access Web Apps Office365 PowerApps
Available to non-Office365 Users Yes No No
Role-based Access to Forms Yes No Complicated
Role-based Menus Yes No Complicated
Device Compatibility Full responsive to any device Desktop primarily Limited, not responsive in many browsers
Users Monthly license includes up to 200 users $12.50/user/month $12.50/user/month