OpenGate Access and Excel Tools

Our Microsoft Office products are designed to save you time and frustration.  Work faster with Excel,  create Microsoft Access databases with advanced capabilities in less time. Our MS Access database tools help beginners and professional developers create powerful Microsoft Access applications that impress users, increase productivity, and simplify maintenance.

Microsoft Access Products

Create with Designer
Microsoft Access Add-Ins Use Designer for Microsoft Access to create new Access databases without being a database design expert. Save time, frustration, and get to work faster with Designer.  
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Enhance with UI Builder
Microsoft Access Add-Ins Whether you have an existing MS Access database, or you've create one with Designer, UI Builder for Microsoft Access is packed with the essential features every MS Access database needs, without requiring hours of Visual Basic.
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Analyze with Dashboard Builder
Dashboard Builder for Microsoft Access  Gain visual insight to the valuable information you are storing in your Access database with Dashboard Builder for Microsoft Access.  Easy-to-build dashboards with graphs, charts, and drill-down metrics...all without being an expert in SQL or Visual Basic.
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Dynamic Reports with Report Builder
Access Report Builder  Create professional looking, complex reports with Report Builder for Microsoft Access easy to understand wizard.
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Automate with Workflow Builder
Small Business Management Software  Automate your routine and repetitive business processes in Microsoft Access with Workflow Builder.  Schedule automated tasks like sending daily reports, mass import/exports, and more!
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Secure with FormSafe
Microsoft Access forms security  Field and control-level security for your Access database forms.  Instead of creating numerous versions of each form for different user roles, or cumbersome VBA to hide or obscure form data, FormSafe for Microsoft Access is an easy-to-configure tool to secure Microsoft Access forms.
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Manage with Database Manager
  Database Manager for Microsoft Access helps you inventory and manage your Access databases from a central location with ease.  OpenGate Database Manager can even help you manage advanced settings and options in your Access databases you didn't know were available.
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Microsoft Excel Products