Customer Testimonials

Praise for Our Products


"I have been looking for years for software that functions like yours." 

    R. McMahon - Oklahoma City Retired Firefighters Association

"UI Builder has saved me many hours of development time...the end users appreciate the ease with which they can navigate through the application." 

    Ken Sherman - Software Engineer, Donaldson Company

"Thank you! Your product gives my applications a fresh look after all these years, which makes a big difference to my customer."
    Financial Services Manager, UK

"With Dashboard Builder, I don't need to call a .NET developer every time we want to create a new KPI in our organization. We love the fast access to our live data!"

    D.I., Medical Services

"I love your programs by the way.  The best thousand-plus dollars I�ve spent in a long time!!!"

    A.H., Marketing Manager, US 

�I love your product!  It�s worth far more than the $99 I paid.� 

    T.G., US Army

"You have great tools, probably the best I have seen. It's saving me a lot of time in my development of custom apps." 

    M.C., Developer

"If you have an Access database with lots of statistical data then this [Dashboard Builder] is a must app to have. It is really easy to use and will save hours of work. Nice product and good value for money."

A few of our global customers

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"An easy to use system that provides professional looking results. 100% recommended."     jap412  

"Just what I needed to complete a project."


"Great product [Dashboard Builder], keep doing what you're doing. It's versatile, and once you have learn the basic concept of designing your forms its pretty user-friendly. And last but not least, updates to the product with new features are very frequent which is great. To me that represents your commitment to your products' future."

    anonymous (submitted online) 

Praise for Our Service

"I have purchased a ton of programs, plans, and packages over the past thirty years (includes my long USAF career). Many of those purchases carried grand promises of support, help, etc. This is the FIRST time I have experienced the actual delivery of "way over and above" the advertised promise of support."

    A.H., Marketing Manager, US

"Thanks for the rapid response to my issue"
    IT Manager, US

"p.s. If only everyone's technical service was as fast as yours is to respond to customers." 


"I like the product not only because it offers functionality that I need, but because the support is truly amazing. For example, I had a large need to filter the data that drove a meter and I wanted the value of the filter to be visible on the meter. I expressed this to the support staff and they sent me the VB code to make that happen. That was awesome! Another good thing about the product is that there are always new - USEFUL - features introduced in the newer versions. For instance, once you deliver a meter to a manager, their next request is to be able to drill down into the data represented in the meter. Well - the newest version of Dashboard Builder provides this ability. This tells me that the authors of the product are listening to real world feedback and incorporating suggestions in the product."