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Vivaldi Hosting FAQ

When you place your order, you are able to select the name of the subdomain that will be allocated to you. Your url will be The base site does not host any content and will not be used to market to your users.
You can store up to 10GB of data in your database, which is well higher than what a typical web application requires. Your license entitles you to up to 200 users to access your application.
OpenGate engages hosting facilities that comply with ISO-27001 physical security. Each customer's data is stored in a completely separate database with distinct credentials for access to the database. You control who has access to your web application through Vivaldi's user and role management screens. You control which roles have access to specific forms and menus.
Databases are backed up daily, and the database is hosted in two geographically separate regions to support failover in case of a problem with the primary active database. The failover will be transparent to you and your users as the endpoint your application connects to remains the same.
Just email us at with your contract email address, when you would like your contract to be disabled (immediately, at the end of the month, etc.)
Your web application will be available 99.9% of the time during any monthly billing cycle.

Step 1: Migrate your Microsoft Access database to MySQL

Choosing a MySQL host

You have many options when it comes to choosing where to host your MySQL database.  We've listed a few here to help you get started.
  • Your current web host - if you have a website currently you likely have free MySQL databases included.  1&1, GoDaddy, InMotion, and others have low-cost packages with MySQL included.
  • A cloud host - Amazon RDS, Microsoft Azure, Google, or others.  You'll pay by the cpu time your database uses, a good "pay as you grow" option.
  • Your corporate IT - if you are in a large company, you'll likely have some MySQL servers around.  Whether you can get access to one to manage your own database is going to depend on your IT organization.  But always worth  a try!
  • Your own server - if it's just for your internal network, you can use a tool like XAMPP to stand up a complete MySQL and web server with very little effort or know-how. Your machine would need to be available (up) for as much time per day as other users need to access it.

Moving your tables to MySQL

Free tools like Bullzip to create a new MySQL database and automaticaly copy your data too.

Creating MySQL views from your Access queries

In MySQL, "views" and the equivalent of "queries" in Accesss. Most queries can be recreated by copying and pasting the SQL from Access into MySQL Workbench. Just be sure to create them in order - any queries that reference other queries should be created last.

Step 2: Create Your Web Application using Your New MySQL Database

  • Copy the Vivaldi files to your web server directory
  • Connect Vivaldi to the database (editing 4 lines of text)
  • Use Vivaldi to visuallly design the forms needed to view/add/edit/delete records without any coding.  See all of Vivaldi's amazing features >>
  • Use Vivaldi to manage user security, role assignments, and dynamic menus
You can try Vivaldi with our demo site, however we can't support testing with your database before purchase. You can cancel your purchase within 30 days and receive a full refund. After the first 30 days, you can cancel your hosting contract at any time.
Your Vivaldi purchase includes lifetime support via email, and when coordinated in advance, phone or web conference.