User Forms


  • Responsive to any device form factor
  • Support for dropdown menus
  • Support for images in the menu
  • Open Vivaldi-created forms or other HTML pages
  • Open menu items in Vivaldi or a new tab
  • Menu separators
  • Assign menu items to specific roles to control user navigation

End User Features


Administrator Tools

Developer Tools (not required, just helpful)

  • Bootstrap, jQuery, and Font Awesome referenced on every page for easy extension
  • Log events to the system event log with one line of code

Design Experience

Multi-Tenant Applications

  • Establish a unique identifier stored users to represent a company/tenant/user stripe.
  • Define distinct application settings (logo, application name, etc) for each tenant.
  • Easily filter records in your forms to only those associated with the current user's tenant.
  • Easily specify that new records should contain the user's tenant identifier.