PowerPane for Microsoft Excel

     Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q.  Is PowerPane compatible with earlier versions of Excel (2003 and lower)
A.  Unfortunately not.  PowerPane is only compatible with Excel 2007 and higher.

Q.  What is the hidden worksheet 'ogsSettings' used for? Can I delete it?

A.  PowerPane stores key settings for each workbook in the hidden worksheet.  Deleting the sheet will remove any PowerPane settings, such as Watch Cells or Welcome Menu settings.  The hidden worksheet adds minimal size to the workbook, and ensures you can share your PowerPane setup for each worksheet with other users.

Q.  Do other users need PowerPane to use a workbook I create while using PowerPane?

A.  No, they would only need PowerPane installed to see the information on the right-hand pane (Watch Cells, Key Cells). The Welcome sheet menu PowerPane creates is a normal worksheet visible to any Excel user.

Configuring PowerPane

Q.  How can I hide or show panels within the PowerPane?
A.  Click 'Preferences' and then select the Show/Hide links next to each item. 
Q.  How do I hide the PowerPane?
A.  Select the "Hide PowerPane" button in the "Add-Ins" tab of the Office Ribbon.

License Activation

Q.  I have a laptop and desktop computer.  How can I install PowerPane on both with the same license?
A.  PowerPane is licensed per computer.  You will need a license for each of your machines.  
Q.  How do I add more licenses to my account?
A.  You can order more licenses through our secure ordering page.  You will receive an additional key with more licenses assigned to that key.

Upgrading PowerPane

Q.  How do I update my copy of PowerPane?
A.  Updates are available to download here: PowerPane for Excel.  Then run the downloaded setup file on your machine.