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OpenGate Redistribution Licenses

    Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't Designer, Database Manager, and Report Builder listed for redistribution licensing?

The Designer tool is primarily an authoring tool.  With a standard one-designer license, you may create as many databases as you need for redistribution or resale.  No additional Designer licensing is needed.  The Database Manager utility is not available for redistribution.  The Report Builder product, similar to Designer, is an authoring tool.  You can purchase a standard license and create as many reports as needed to include in your resale product.

Will my end-users need to install anything?

No setup programs are required for OpenGate products available in the redistribution licenses. End users will need a runtime or full version of Access 2000 or higher. OpenGate products are meant to be incorporated into the database file you distribute to your end users.

Are there any royalty fees?

There are no royalty fees beyond the one-time redistribution license fee.

Can I use the redistribution license to create more than one saleable product?

A redistribution license applies to a single saleable product.  If you decide to create and sell another product using OpenGate solutions, another redistribution license would be required.

Can I upgrade to another edition once I have purchased the redistribution license?
How do I order the license?

Yes, you can choose to upgrade to the next edition (e.g., Standard to Professional Edition of Dashboard Builder) at any time.  Contact sales to order.

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Can I remove references to OpenGate Software and the OpenGate product names?

Yes, you can remove all labels and references to OpenGate Software in the forms and error messages displayed to users.  The license terms do require that copyright notices remain intact within the source code.

What kind of support can I expect from OpenGate?

We stand by our products through ongoing investment, and excellent customer support. We offer email technical support to help you work through integrating your current Access projects our products, or configuring advanced features to work just the way you need them. We can't fix your database design, and we only offer support related to how your application works with our solutions. But there are many resource online, including, where you can find the expertise you need. We are based in North America, which means our responses to your inquiries may be slightly delayed if you are on another continent. 

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Does OpenGate offer consulting?

We do offer consulting, with more than 19 years experience with Microsoft Access.  Learn more here about our Microsoft Access Consulting services.

Are any ActiveX controls required?

No ActiveX controls are used, which can help avoid error messages that users often encounter when a database uses ActiveX, but the user does not have the control library on their machine. 

Can I compile my database into an MDE/ACCDE format?

Yes, absolutely. We verify each version can be compiled into an MDE/ACCDE file.

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