Access 2007+ Security

Adding Databases to Access 2007 (and higher) Trusted Locations

This tutorial provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to add a database to your Microsoft Office Trusted Locations list.  The Access Trusted Locations feature provides an added level of security to prevent macros and Visual Basic from running without your approval, but can also prevent a database from operating correctly.
Microsoft Access 2007 Security Warning
What follows will provides you with instructions to add a directory to your Access Trusted Locations. Doing so will mean any Access database in the folder will run unrestricted when opened. All OpenGate products are thoroughly tested and free of potential security risks.  We recommend you only include databases in a Trusted Location that are from sources you trust.

Step 1: Open the Office menu in Access and select "Access Options"

Microsoft Office Access menu

Step 2: Select "Trust Center"

Access 2007 trust center

Step 3: Select "Trust Settings" as shown above.

Step 4: Select "Trusted Locations"

Access 2007 Trusted Locations

Step 5:  Browse to the directory you want to trust.  You may also choose to trust all subdirectories by checking the "Subfolders of this location are also trusted" box.

MS Access 2007 Trusted directory

Note:  If the directory is on a network drive, be sure to check the "Allow Trusted Locations on my network" box.  Microsoft does not recommend this option (as seen in the Trust Center dialog) since you may not have control of who has the ability to open and manipulate your database's VB code.  Provided you have appropriate network folder security configured to only trusted individuals, you should be fine to check the box.

Finished!  Your changes will take effect when you close and re-open your database.