Download FAQ

I am having problems downloading. What is wrong?

Your security administrator must allow you to download .ZIP files in order to download the evaluation versions. You may also need to look for any notifications in your browser that indicate the file download has been stopped due to security settings. We can assure you that OpenGate products are virus and malware-free, and it is safe to allow Microsoft Access to run on your PC.


I cannot find the file evaluation file I downloaded. Where did it go?

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) now download files to a special folder by default. The folder is generally in your "My Documents" folder, and is called "Downloads."


Once I open the evaluation, I receive a warning that the database is "read-only"

You will need to make sure to unzip the contents of the zip file you've downloaded to a folder on your computer. To do so:

  1. Right click the downloaded file.
  2. Select "Extract All..." from the popup menu.
  3. Follow the wizard to extract the zip file to your PC.
  4. Open the new unzipped folder. Now you will be able to run the evaluation copy.


I receive a security warning every time I open the database.  Is this okay?

Beginning with Microsoft Access 2002, Access will warn you when a database contains Visual Basic code of any sort.  You are prompted to confirm you wish to enable the content in order to proceed with opening the database.  We can assure you that OpenGate products are virus and malware-free, and it is safe to allow Microsoft Access to run on your PC.

Microsoft Access Potential Security Concern Warning

FAfter I downloaded and unzipped the evaluation, my computer prompts me to choose a program to open the file.  What do I do?

Your PC must have Microsoft Access 2000 or higher installed to evaluate OpenGate products.  Please check that you have Microsoft Access installed by navigating to your Start Menu, then select "All Programs" and locate the "Microsoft Office" folder.  If Microsoft Access is not installed, you will need to purchase a copy first before you can evaluate OpenGate's products.

Microsoft Access displays a message that it cannot open the file because it blocked.

The file was blocked due to an Internet Explorer setting that affects some PCs.  We can assure you the file is safe.  You will need to unblock the file by following these steps:

  1.  Right mouse-click the file.
  2. Select "Properties"
  3. Select "Unblock" from the bottom of the dialog.
  4. Click "Ok"

The file will now open as expected. 

When I try to open the program in Access 2007, Access opens and nothing happens.

If your company has set up macro security to the highest level, you don't get prompted to approve macros running in a project, so it appears as if nothing is happening. To resolve it:

  1. Select the Office icon
  2. Select "Access Options"
  3. Select "Trust Center"
  4. Select the "Trust Center Settings" button
  5. Select the "Macro Security" tab
  6. Select "Disable all macros with notification"

Access 2007 macro security

The file will now open as expected when you try again. 

My issue is not listed here

Please contact us any time at  We will be happy to help you resolve any difficulties.