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Company News
June 2014 OpenGate launches where companies can create powerful visualizations for MySQL online in minutes
March 2014 New version of ChartBuilder for PHP and MySQL supports 4 more chart types, advanced look and feel options
November 2013 OpenGate releases version 2.0 of ChartBuilder for PHP and MySQL
June 2013 OpenGate receives A+ rating from Better Business Bureau
March 2013 ChartBuilder for PHP and MySQL released
March  2013 Dashboard 5 with support for Access 2013 released
December 2012 Dashboard 4.5 with greater control over look and feel of dashboards is released
November 2012 Dashboard 4.0 released - more interactive, rich MS Access graphs
October 2012 Designer 5.0 with more flexibilty and easier to use wizard is available to download
August 2012 OpenGate releases version 4.1.6 of UI Builder
July 2012 OpenGate releases AdWords Doctor to help advertisers optimize their AdWords ROA
May 2011 Publish Interactive Charts and Graphs to the Internet from MS Access with Dashboard Builder - Web
March 2011 OpenGate releases version 4.1 of UI Builder with new MS Access Task Pane
February 2011 New article released:  10 ways to create more a dynamic Microsoft Access Form
January 2011 New article released: Access Database Deployment Best Practices
November 2010 Create professional MS Access reports with Report Builder for Microsoft Access
May 2010 OpenGate releases UI Builder version 4.0 with automated backup for your Microsoft Access databases
February 2010 OpenGate releases major new updates - UI Builder version 3.6, Dashboard Builder version 2.5, Designer version 3.7
January 2010 Microsoft Access 2010 features and Access 2010 resources available
September 2009 New 'Estimating the Complexity of Your Microsoft Access Project' white paper available
August 2009 OpenGate Software announces Designer for Microsoft Access 3.0 with automatic MS Access form creation functionality.
May 2009 Dashboard Builder™ 2.2 is now available
February 2009 OpenGate announces UI Builder™ 3.4 with new Universal Search capability that requires no coding
January 2009 Dashboard Builder 2.0 is now available
July 2008 OpenGate Software releases major enhancements to Dashboard Builder and Workflow Builder for Microsoft Access
May 6, 2008 OpenGate Software releases UI Builder™ - Enterprise Edition 3.2
April 23, 2008 OpenGate Software accredited by the Better Business Bureau
March 18, 2008 OpenGate Software announces availability of Workflow Builder™ for Microsoft Access 1.3
March 3, 2008 OpenGate Software announces the availability of Dashboard Builder™ for Microsoft Access
January 15, 2008 UI Builder™ Enterprise Edition 3.0.1 now available
December 2007 OpenGate Software celebrates 7 year anniversary
October 16, 2007 OpenGate Software's UI Builder for Microsoft Access surpasses 1,000 users worldwide

Press Releases
July 22, 2011 Create More Professional Spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel, Save Time with Excel
May 26, 2011 Publish Interactive Charts and Graphs to the Internet from MS Access
August 12, 2009 OpenGate Software announces Designer for Microsoft Access 3.0 with automatic form creation
January 2009 OpenGate Software Launches Product to Help Design Microsoft® Access® Databases
March 2008 OpenGate Software Announces Business Intelligence for Microsoft Access with Dashboard Builder™ for Access
November 2007 OpenGate Software Releases New Business Templates featuring UI Builder™ for Microsoft Access
October 5, 2007  OpenGate Software Announces Easier Mail Merge from Microsoft Access with UI Builder 2.0
August 15, 2007 OpenGate Software Announces User-Level Microsoft Access Menus

Reviews & Mentions
August 2008 Online reviewer 'UI Builder Best In Class' Access application
July 2008 Review of UI Builder™ on leading Microsoft Access resource site
January 2008 OpenGate Software's UI Builder for Access mentioned on the Microsoft Access Team Blog *

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