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  Getting Ready for Microsoft Access 2010

OpenGate Software Product Support

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OpenGate Software has been actively working with MS Access 2010 since late 2008, including visits to Microsoft's campus in Redmond, WA to review and work with early "pre-alpha" drops of the release.  We have tested our products in Access 2010.

How can OpenGate products help you with Access 2010?

While MS Access 2010 allows for easier customization of the Office Fluent Ribbon menu, our customers consistently tell us OpenGate's UI Builder MS Access addon provides a far easier way to create dynamic menus, as well as add more features to your database without VB coding.  And if you plan to publish your Access 2010 forms to the web, it will be essential that your Access database structure is compatible with Access Share Point Services requirements for normalization and relationships.  OpenGate's Designer, the premier Microsoft Access table design tool, can help you create new databases with the proper structure required for Access 2010 web databases.